Stainless Steel Modern Kitchen Work Table


This is a beautiful kitchen design all around. But the highlight is clearly the broad stainless steel kitchen worktable. Doubling as a kitchen island, the table is large enough to accommodate multiple chefs preparing multiple dishes. The timeless, industrial styling looks as good today as it would have 50 years ago which bodes well for the future. The worktable doesn’t just look. The simple lines make for easy cleaning.

Design and photo credits:
Jeremy Levine Design
Designer: Jeremy Levine, Assoc. AIA, Principal
Associate Designer: Jonathon Pickup
Structural Engineer: Micheal Ciortea
General Contractor: Juan Macias Construction
Photography by Tom Bonner

Image source :
Original size : 2048×1365 Pixels
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Published : 12 March 2016
Category : Kitchen

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