Modern Sectional Sofa for Open Space

Modern Sectional Sofa

I’ll admit, I don’t typically care for sectional sofas. However, this sectional is anything but typical. Its crisp, clean lines and chrome finishings set it apart from traditional sectional designs with tend to sacrifice style in favor comfort. Moreover, the large, wide-open space has the size to accommodate the scale of the sectional sofa. Consider […]

6 Spots for Interior Color Inspiration

2016 interior color forecast

Color choice can make all the difference in a room’s design. When successful, bold choices are incredibly gratifying. While color selections gone wrong, will quickly undo any good design work elsewhere in the room. With so much in the balance, choosing an interior design color can be agonizing. Here are a handful of suggestions to […]

Modern Bathtub and Tile Treatment

modern bath

Clean lines and neutral colors never go out of style. This lovely design features a simple, angular tub. The room’s ivory tile and wall color are lightly accented by shades of taupe. Stainless steel accents add impact to the room’s otherwise neutral tones. This room offers finds a way to offer simplicity and neutrality without […]

Stainless Steel Modern Kitchen Work Table


This is a beautiful kitchen design all around. But the highlight is clearly the broad stainless steel kitchen worktable. Doubling as a kitchen island, the table is large enough to accommodate multiple chefs preparing multiple dishes. The timeless, industrial styling looks as good today as it would have 50 years ago which bodes well for […]

Cool Bedroom Furniture Ideas

cool bedroom furniture design

Do you like that mid-century modern look? Apparently this home owner does! The sleek lines of this 50s era set look great. But for my taste, a few pieces will do (say a bed and two nightstands). I always recommend implementing complementary, but not necessarily matching pieces. Nevertheless, this ensemble reveals a variety of furnishings available […]

Studio Type Bedroom Furniture Design

studio type bedroom furniture ideas

What better accessory for a studio apartment than studio lights? Seriously, using an item in your decorating project for something other than it was originally intended makes for a great conversation piece. Seen here, this distinctive bedroom space is illuminated with a couple of studio lights that appear to be fresh off of a movie […]

Bedroom Furniture Design Ideas

bedroom furniture design ideas

The success of this room lies in contrast. The unconventional look of the room’s headboard and mirror are offset by the more conventional styling of the dresser and nightstand. The contrasting orange and yellow tones of the bedding are complemented by similar colors found in the rug and in the wall color. The bright white […]