Bedroom Design Furniture Sets

bedroom design furniture sets

I love the look of this ultra white bedroom suite (though I may be a little nervous about having my morning coffee anywhere near it). My favorite aspect? The nightstands designed for this set tie in without being overly “matchy.” The hinge beneath the mattress provides storage as a bonus. I wonder how practical and […]

Pink Blue Aquarium Home Interior Accessories

interior home accessories

When most people consider the addition of an aquarium to their home, they do it to add a little life (literally) to their space. But why not consider an aquarium for an opportunity to accessorize. Aquarium pebbles like those shown here are available in a broad variety of colors, providing ample opportunities to brighten up a […]

Beautiful Aquarium Room Divider

Aquarium Room Divider

This beautiful aquarium room divider not only looks great, but works well as a partition. Use it to create privacy or break a larger space into two segments. Unlike with most room dividers which are single-sided, an aquarium offers a fabulous view to those on both sides.

Purple Accent Living Room Design Ideas

purple accent living room design ideas

Want to know how it feels to be an imperial in the Roman magistrates? Then color your living room purple. This purple accented living room design conjures life as royalty in the Roman world. This impactful hue was worn by Roman magistrates, rulers of the Byzantine Empire and the Holy Roman Empire.

Orange Color Living Room Design Ideas

Orange Color Living Room Design Ideas

Orange is a bold interior color choice. I’m not sure that its my taste, but I can respect that this design goes all the way. This orange color living room design is refreshingly natural, beautiful, clean and radiant all year round. The design brings a bit of Florida citrus and sunshine into the room.

Yellow Themed Living Room Design Ideas

yellow themed living room design ideas

No color symbolizes happiness better than yellow. When I came across this design, it certainly brightened my day! If you’re looking to bring a little joy into your home, there’s a lot you can borrow from this room. Look not further than the bright yellow accents, the white space and natural light. I also got a […]

Red Accent Living Room Design Color Ideas

red accent living room color ideas

Red represents love. Red represents romance. Red evokes all of these emotions and more in this bold design. The room’s designer creates a modern look through a pop art installation, unique lighting and angular furniture. But the room’s focal point, a three-piece modern art  installation is designed with little more than color: bright red accents to be […]