Mazzali: Sweet Bed


This massive king-sized bed has the scale to handle virtually any mattress and the neutral styling to work with any covering. Shown here, the bed is topped with charcoal and black sheets, pillows and throw blanket. The colors, as you’d expect, work nicely with the bed’s neutral hues and complement the rest of the room’s […]

Modern Style Bedroom


I don’t typically care for matching furniture pieces from the same set. But these designs are so distinctive, they complement each other without making the room look mundane. The furniture rests upon hardwood floor with exceptionally wide beams. Modern accessories including a teardrop vase and frame collage make this space decidedly 21st century.

Asian paint colour shades for bedrooms

asian paint colour shades bedrooms

Pinks, purples, blues and grays compose the feminine, Asian-inspired design of this room. Bold pinks are used as accent walls while purple blankets add color to the beds. A neutral-colored bookshelf is used to cleverly add separation and privacy for the two sleeping areas, as well as a bit of storage.