Dos and Don’ts for Timeless Design


For many, home decorating and design is not just a passion, but a borderline obsession. For these most dedicated decorators, the completion of one project marks the beginning of another. And the completion of every room in a home signals the start of a redesign. For others (myself included), a passion for decorating does not […]

2016 Color Forecast Roundup

2016 color forecast

If you find the thought of winter nearing to be depressing, try looking ahead to 2016. The wave of 2016 color forecasts is upon us. From paint manufacturers to design outlets, seemingly everyone has an opinion about the colors that will don the most walls in the new year. Who knows how accurate these predictions […]

Will dark colors make a room look smaller

Wall paint color palette

One of the most common design tips you’ll hear is to avoid dark wall colors to keep a room from looking small. But is there any truth in the advice? Well, like many age-old questions, there’s some debate. While many designers advocate for lighter colors such as whites, pastel blues or yellows when trying to […]

Considerations for Choosing Floor Coverings

Hardwood flooring

Some things, like paint and window treatments are easy to change out. Floor coverings on the other hand, require larger investments to change. If you’re thinking of making a change, review these considerations for floor coverings before you make the move. Longevity and Durability While specific flooring options within a product category may have longer […]

6 Spots for Interior Color Inspiration

2016 interior color forecast

Color choice can make all the difference in a room’s design. When successful, bold choices are incredibly gratifying. While color selections gone wrong, will quickly undo any good design work elsewhere in the room. With so much in the balance, choosing an interior design color can be agonizing. Here are a handful of suggestions to […]

Console Tables Are Perfect For Placing In Any Room

Console table made from driftwood

Sometimes, you end up with dead space in different areas of your home for various reason. Now, there is no reason to panic because you can turn to beautiful console tables to fill up the space. In fact, one would be a lovely choice for placing in any room in your home. Console Tables History […]

Just Why You Need an Outdoor Shower Kit and How to Get Started

Beautiful outdoor shower area for spa in the tropics

If these sticky hot summer days have you fantasizing about winter bathing with polar bear clubs, then you may need to consider treating yourself to an outdoor shower kit. Even without being an exhibitionist at heart, or an avid tree-hugger, an outdoor shower can reform the way you do rustic by making everyday activities smoother […]

Foolproof Designs and Privacy Fence Types For Your Updated Home

privacy fence types

Whether you’ve always been a bit apprehensive about your unmarked property line or finally had it with onlookers during your afternoon sittings, there are a variety of privacy fence types on the market to address your concerns for intimacy. With materials ranging from traditional wood to fiberglass, acrylic and steel, there is good chance you’ll […]

Entertain Like a Pro with an Outdoor Kitchen Island

Outside Kitchen Counter Top

True or false: a picturesque revamp of a turn of the century cape cod would be rendered incomplete without a state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen island, deck, and 6” pool. True. Well, at least we’d like to think so. When the standard charcoal grill with its porcelain lid and handy side table, it won’t cut it for […]