Square dining table for 12

square dining table for 12

Rustic and grandiose, this massive dining table has the scale to leave an impression on quite a few people. The massive square table seats three people per side, providing ample room for a party of 12. The various tones of wood give the table and matching chairs have a craftsman feel that guests won’t soon forget.

Round dining table granite

round dining table granite

This unique piece brings the look and convenience of a countertop to a dining table. The polished granite top makes for easy clean up at meal’s end. The natural pattern of the stone is easy on the eyes.

Round dining table black oak

round dining table black oak

This round dining table owes its elegant and upscale look to its oversized base with gold trim. Its round shape makes it a great fit for open spaces like the one shown here. The “lazy Susan” resting on top of the table looks great and puts everything within reach of the guests.

Round dining table bench

round dining table bench

This modern and eccentric piece finds a way to fit a large group of people into a limited space. A semi-circle shaped bench, accommodating eight guests wraps around a small oval table. The bench is made of a bright red leather with a wooden back that matches the table.

Rustic pine dining table bench

rustic pine dining table bench

This rustic pine dining table features two matching benches to seat six guests. Both the table and benches are topped with slats of roughly finished pine. Legs are painted white and weathered giving the piece a well-worn but warm appeal.