Kitchen Cabinet with Table

study room

  Function doesn’t typically look this good. The wall of shelving in this kitchen area is styled with pops of color aplenty. From the orange shelve and chair, to the lime green basket to the brightly color food packaging, color pour out of every corner. Marble countertops add a bit of seriousness to this otherwise […]

Antique Armoir


Armoires carry’s on to be valuable these days, however the industry is overloaded with several reproductions. Discovering a value on your antique armoire may possibly get some sleuthing to identify when it was made, but it is achievable with a little effort.

Walk in pantry shelving systems

walk in pantry shelving systems

Function outduels form in a tight battle in this kitchen design. A massive pantry spans the back wall of the room providing ample storage for a large family and maybe a food bank or two. Using a variety of styles of cabinets, the pantry offers storage for wine, food and dishes and looks great all the […]

Pantry wall shelving systems

pantry wall shelving systems

Those converting an empty kitchen closet into a pantry can find inspiration in this design. This pantry offers six racks of adjustable shelving. Shelf heights vary to accommodate items of all sizes. Eight retractable baskets slide out for easy access to smaller items such as soaps and sponges.

Small pantry shelving systems

small pantry shelving systems

Function hardly ever looks this stylish. Forget about the loads of storage and convenient sliding drawers, this sizable pantry is painted in an attractive and inviting seafoam green.  The middle shelf provides space for a suite of modern kitchen appliances. The pantry is concealed by a modern door with a high-gloss finish.

Chrome pantry shelving systems

chrome pantry shelving systems

This chrome pantry shelving system is built for the interior of a cabinet that extends forward. The unit installs easily with the use of a few screws onto the sides of the cabinet door. The end result is four spacious rows that are easy to access.

Pantry closet shelving systems

pantry closet shelving systems

A place for everything and everything in its place. This old adage is easier to follow when the places that all all of those things reside in come to you. Two door-mounted shelfs and three sliding shelves that can be pulled toward you keep everything in this kitchen organized, and accessible.