Room partitions Ikea UK

room partitions ikea uk

Available from Ikea UK, we bet this room partition is like no divider you’ve ever seen. The partition is composed of multiple strips of texture fabric. At first glance, it has the look of a rack of carpet samples you may find at the home improvement store. Each strip of fabric is unique. However each […]

Interior wall paint glitter

interior wall paint glitter

Perfect for a nursery or a child’s bedroom, wall glitter can make a huge impact in a room. Shown here as an accent wall, the glitter makes the room sparkle without dominating the entire space. Best of all, if your little one tires or outgrows the look, it is easily painted over.

Interior house paint examples

interior house paint examples

This room pulls off a big look with just a few design elements. A modern sofa and a landscape painting are about all that adorn the room. Instead, the designer relies on the rooms architecture and color to make the statement. A medium-toned aqua splashes life into the room and is paired with a gleaming […]