White Model Kitchen Interior


This kitchen achieves an ultra-modern through use of just a few features. The all-black sliding door leading to the balcony is smooth and stylish. The room’s cabinets and tables use simple geometric shapes to echo the contemporary styling. The unconventional bright lights beneath the top cabinets are the room’s signature accent.

Steel Kitchen Interior


If you can get past the fact that this design feels a bit like a meat locker with its narrow width and metal finishes, there are a handful of exquisite details worth noting. The room is anchored by a  modern oven vent. Two massive sinks add utility while the under-mount lights bring the sizzle.

Minimalistic Kitchen Interior


This kitchen design proves  minimalistic doesn’t have to be boring. Look no further than the striking lime backspash or the two-tone cabinetry. Don’t overlook the gleaming tile floors, a major departure from the flat sheen tiles more commonly seen.  This room is short on accessories, but long on style.

Pink and White Kitchen

Pink and White Kitchen

Unconventional? Yes. Inspirational? Absolutely! Pink may not be for everyone (particularly in a kitchen), but its impact is undeniable. These bold pink cabinets give off a vintage vibe, particularly next to the clock and chrome-legged stools across the room.

Petrus London Kitchen


  Ever wondered what it takes to support a commercial kitchen? This massive space with never-ending counters serves up space for preparation, utilities and finished meals ready to make their way to the table and looks good all the while.

Black and Red Modern Kitchen

red modern kitchen

This modern kitchen design throws convention out its drape-covered windows. The kitchen features a rich black and red color palette highlighted by the red lacquer cabinets and cherry red chairs. Those items are contrasted by black bottom cabinets and black tile. My favorite aspect is the island light which doubles as storage for a set of wine […]

Aqua Kitchen Concept

aqua kitchen concept

This Aqua kitchen design concept may be a bit specificc. But hey, a kitchen design is a major investment; why settle? The aqua tones get the headlines, but don’t overlook the checkerboard backsplash, stone countertops or retro-styled oven. The light wood cabinets offer the neutrality to blend in with this distinctive design.