Warm Living Room


Looking to add warmth to an interior design? This room shows how warmth can be delivered through proper use of light and color. The large window above the sofa dominates the room while emitting warm light throughout the space. The modern light fixture ensures this room can be well lit at any hour. Orange, red […]

Living Room Interior

Living room interior

One part home design and one part art installation, this eccentric look is right at home in this highly unconventional house. A blue shag carpet provides an entrance into the space where cattle skulls and cuckoo clocks bracket a stained glass window. Paintings of plants top flower pots built into the walls. A pair of […]

Madera Table Lamp


This one light table lamp will enhance your home with a perfect mix of form and function.   The features include a Madera Bronze finish applied by master craftsmen. The details within the shades fabric are truly illuminated when the lamp is lit.