High Ceiling Kitchen

high ceiling kitchen

  High ceiling kitchen gives a fresh and more perspective for the owner of the kitchen. You are not just here to eat but also to relax and to feel the moment that you are in the comfort of your very own home. With hanging lights on the countertop table, you will surely love it.

Lime Kitchen

lime kitchen

It’s time for lime in this bold green kitchen design. This homeowner went all out with lime green cabinets, backslash and chairs. While most couldn’t commit to this color in their own kitchens, I could see this color working great in a hotel suite or summer rental.  

Black Modern Kitchen

black modern kitchen

Sleep and masculine, this black modern kitchen is all business. Dark cabinetry meets stark white walls and solid-surface counters. The glass table complements the sheen of the stainless steel appliances and chrome faucets. The design is topped off with a modern sculpted bowl filled with oranges, give the room a lone splash of color.

Modern Black and White Kitchen

modern black and white kitchen

Virtually everything thing in this modern black and white kitchen from the appliances to the furniture follows the black and white color motif. Even the sconces hanging above the dining table don black and white. The simple palette keeps the room looking modern and provides the neutrality to work with a variety of accent colors. Seen here, […]

French Contemporary Kitchen

french kitchen interior

This French contemporary kitchen design concept will take you back to the French countryside. The plush dining chairs provide comfortable seating for four and a great view of the meal being prepared. The wood cabinetry offers a classic look that complements the traditional tile, neither of which are likely to out of style any time soon.

Custard Modern Kitchen

custard kitchen

Custard modern kitchen concept looks very elegant with the color being used. The state of the art decoration is also visible in the kitchen. Custard plus bronze colored motif with hanging lights on top of the glass dining table.

Kitchen with Sunlight Interior Concept

Interior_Small_kitchen_with sunlight

This kitchen design leans on mother nature for its timeless look. Natural sunlight illuminates ivory walls and cabinetry. The port rack and built-in shelving are functional pieces that are also aesthetically pleasing. The design is topped off with a gas cooktop built into the kitchen’s island. Love it!

Kitchen with Wildflowers Wallpaper

with a touch of purple

This modern kitchen with wildflower wallpaper gives a dramatic effect to the kitchen. On the walls of the kitchen, there is a lineup of framed images that adds up to the drama. There is no way to ignore the way kitchen appliances were fashionably attached on the kitchen table.