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Amazing office

  What an incredible workspace. This room offers practicality and elegance. The rack of letter trays deliver storage and style as do the multiple photo boxes scatter across the shelves. The plastic-backed office chair looks comfortable, without being so luxurious as to keep you from getting any work done. Perhaps best of all, the core elements of […]

Interior Design Office

interior design office

  Open-concept work spaces are all the rage. This one has some nice touches including the incorporation of a round table to make a common meeting place. Additional privacy is offered through a storage rack and half-wall.

creative room partition

creative room partition

We’ve said it before. A room divider can be just as much of a design element as it is a functional piece furniture. Few partitions illustrate that point better than this one. This creative piece serves as a focal point for both sides of the room it divides. Rich patterns and bold colors make it […]

Office design glass walls

office design glass walls

Open floor plans and glass offices are the way of modern office space design. While you may not think that glass walls add much in the way of privacy, consider that what can be heard may be more important than what can be seen. Glass is effective at deafening sound making it a nice choice for a […]

Office space with glass walls

office space with glass walls

This workspace design is going all in with the glass office look. The design features a series of connecting offices each with a glass front. The glass doors allow onlookers to see in but limits what can be heard. Fabric back walls and veneer sidewalls add a touch of style to the offices.