Just Why You Need an Outdoor Shower Kit and How to Get Started

Beautiful outdoor shower area for spa in the tropics

If these sticky hot summer days have you fantasizing about winter bathing with polar bear clubs, then you may need to consider treating yourself to an outdoor shower kit. Even without being an exhibitionist at heart, or an avid tree-hugger, an outdoor shower can reform the way you do rustic by making everyday activities smoother […]

Foolproof Designs and Privacy Fence Types For Your Updated Home

privacy fence types

Whether you’ve always been a bit apprehensive about your unmarked property line or finally had it with onlookers during your afternoon sittings, there are a variety of privacy fence types on the market to address your concerns for intimacy. With materials ranging from traditional wood to fiberglass, acrylic and steel, there is good chance you’ll […]

Entertain Like a Pro with an Outdoor Kitchen Island

Outside Kitchen Counter Top

True or false: a picturesque revamp of a turn of the century cape cod would be rendered incomplete without a state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen island, deck, and 6” pool. True. Well, at least we’d like to think so. When the standard charcoal grill with its porcelain lid and handy side table, it won’t cut it for […]

Rattan Outdoor Lounge Chair


This attention-grabbing rattan outdoor chair is every bit as much architecture as it is furniture. The chair’s oval shape fully encloses a large mattress and several pillows, providing shade, shelter and a comfortable place to nap. The natural tones of the wood complement the outdoor scenery while the bright orange cushions and pillows provide a pop […]

Indian Mirror


Looking at this mirror reminds we that we should feature more design from Southeast Asia. This attention-grabbing mirror is inspired by Indian design. Large pieces of glass form a mosaic pattern around a rectangular-framed mirror.