Indian Mirror


Looking at this mirror reminds we that we should feature more design from Southeast Asia. This attention-grabbing mirror is inspired by Indian design. Large pieces of glass form a mosaic pattern around a rectangular-framed mirror.

Asian paint colour shades for exterior walls

asian paints colour shades for exterior walls

This rich and natural color palette shown on the exterior of this home could have been pulled directly from a traditional Asian painting or mural. An olive green is calming and complements the home’s cream colors. An orange brown adds impact without clashing with the other earthtones used on the house.

Reclaimed wood wall design sponge

reclaimed wood wall design sponge

This gorgeous wall, comprised of split timber, grants privacy to a small meeting space. Nothing short of an art installment, the wall fits hundreds of pieces of chopped wood together. From a distance, the pattern of matched wood is similar to that of a sponge.

wooden wall shelf design

wooden wall shelf design

Have a wide open wall space that you’re not sure what do do with? Here’s a simple design trick that will add some style and storage to your room. Purchase (or build if you’re feeling ambitious) rectangular or square box shelves. Hang them in a series of one or two rows. It doesn’t matter if […]

Wood wall panel design

wood wall panel design

Have a look at this handsome wall panel designed for this large reception area. The wall is composed of a cherry-colored wood and features criss-crossing molding that adds impact. Look carefully and you’ll notice a small door has been worked right into the wall.