Wood wall design

wood wall design sponge

This room is the ultimate in eclectic design. The centerpiece is the back wall, finished with assorted pieces of reclaimed wood ranging in color from traditional brown to bright lime green. A mid century styled mirror hangs on the wall, just above a modern vase, a yukalaylee and a s small sculpture of a bird.¬†Adding […]

Wood wall design ideas

wood wall design ideas

Here’s a trick for pulling off a distinctive accent wall composed of uneven wooden blocks. Start by drawing a grid pattern across your wall. Each square in the grid should be the same size as the with of the timber you can acquire. Slice the timber at various widths. Finish the wood squares as desired […]

Wood wall design

wood wall design

Giving new meaning to ‘wood paneling,’ this room just may take your breath away. The space features one gigantic wall covered in thin slices of timber. Despite the rustic materials, the room is decidedly modern. A large ceiling beam and cement flooring add to the contemporary feel.

Wall colour combination

wall colour combination

Can a room have more than one accent wall? Call it what you will, this space gets a heavy dose of color thanks to the bold¬†green and orange painted walls. The pairing gives the room a bright and fun feeling that could work well in a summer home or a warm client. Now good luck […]